How To: Use The Marinara Timer for Productivity

If you've worked with me, read this blog, or been in one of my talks, you know there is something I looooooove and that's a timer. 

Timers are a tremendous help to focus and productivity. Set a timer, then focus on whatever task until the timer goes off. No need to think about time spent or waste precious brain space on anything other than the task at hand. 

In the past, I've discussed the timing of 52 minutes on task with a 17 minute break.

Another popular timing allotment is the Pomodoro System. You can get all the details here, but it's basically a 25-minute block of time (called a Pomodoro) for focused activity followed by a 5-minute break. Repeat this sequence until your 4th Pomodoro, after which you take a 15-minute break.

I like to do the 52/17 splits when I'm working on big tasks like creating a program or writing my book. I like Pomodoros when I'm working on many smaller tasks.

Related side note: I also like the Pomodoro system after I've had a hard workout because it reminds me to stretch. If that was TMI then so be it. Stretching is good. 

The biggest speed-bump I've had with these systems is that I often forget to set the timer on my phone. So sometimes I'll be reading on the long break and then think, surely it's been past time. Sure enough, I didn't set the timer. Or I'll start working and then realize I didn't set the timer. Or my phone will be in silent mode so that timer went off ages ago but I didn't know it. 

Enter The Marinara Timer

Using the Marinara Timer for Productivity - A Side of Fabulous Blog

It's preset with a Pomodoro timer. Then you can also set up your own timer sequence such as the 52/17 split or whatever time lengths work well for you. You can also use it as a generic kitchen timer.

It's simple to use. Just open it up as a tab, set it and then get on about your work. There are no accounts or any personal information to enter. Set it and go. You can even personalize your alarm ring. (Although you'll have to do this each time since there is no account info.)


Pro tip: Check the box that says "repeat timer sequence forever." Otherwise it'll stop after the end of the sequence and if you're not paying attention you may be on break longer than you intended to. 


I love this site so much that it's now one of the tabs that opens up automatically when I open my browser.  I've also recommended it to a number of my coaching clients who use it while working to get more done.

If you like using a timed system to help with your work and productivity, I highly recommend using the Marinara Timer page to take over the timer aspect while you're at your computer. 

Have you used this timer before? If so, what did you think? If not, what do you normally use for timer tracking? 

Melinda Massie - A Side of Fabulous

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