Black Friday Sale!

The holiday season is officially upon us. With Black Friday today, Small Business Saturday tomorrow, and Cyber Monday on Monday, I'm having a sale on all of my e-books and courses! 

When you enter code BLACKFRIDAY you'll receive a discount of at least 20%. How much? Well that's a surprise. I'll be changing the amounts sporadically through the weekend so it may be 50%. It may be 30%. It may be free. You won't know until you buy. 

Now look. I'm a reasonable gal. I know that during the holidays there's enough on your plate and you're most likely not thinking about organizing - unless it's stuffing everything into a laundry bin and then into the closet because holycrapguestswillbehereandIdidn'tcleanintime. 

For the record, I recognize that bin every time I see it in a client's closet. So don't feel bad...everyone does it from time to time. 

Good news is that you don't have to be stuck in that predicament this time next year - or any time you're having guests over. So you can take advantage of the sale price now and then start in at the new year or whenever you feel ready. 

P.S. - I snuck in some new e-books that I haven't mentioned before. 

Here's what we have!

  • Fabulous Foothold to Organization: A guide to get started when you don't know where to start. For those familiar, you'll notice it's a new cover. Same great material on how to get started into the organizing process. 
  • NEW - 25 Organizing Quick Tips. These are the most popular quick tips that have been featured on the blog. Each tip can be applied easily and quickly to bring in some instant flow. 
  • NEW - The Fabulous Home Organization Workbook. This is a companion piece to the e-course, "21 Days to Fabulous Home Organization" and is also able to be used on it's own. It gives you the step-by-step game plan to clear the clutter and organize your home with ease while allowing you to record and keep track of your goals. 
  • "21 Days to Fabulous Home Organization" - This e-course will deliver my proven organizing process, step-by-step, straight to your inbox. Each day you'll receive a bite-sized piece that can be accomplished in 5-30 minutes. Best part - the daily work naturally develops the habits needed to maintain all of your good organizing effort. Special pre-sale bonuses include the workbook and quick tips e-book, as well as a 30 minute coaching call from me! 

25 Organizing Quick Tips, The Fabulous Home Organization Workbook, and "21 Days to Fabulous Home Organization" all have an additional discount while they're in pre-sale. All will return to regular rate when they're released on December 1st!

If you know you want to get organized in the soon to near future, take advantage of this weekend's sale. Use code BLACKFRIDAY in the checkout to receive a discount of at least 20$ Offer expires Monday at midnight.

I'm excited to help you!