Graceless: The Pressure to be Organized

I'm SUPER-excited to share this post today! I was recently accepted as a regular contributor to the new publication, Graceless. It is for women who are tired of being told what they are supposed to do. (Read more about them here.) 

Obviously right up my alley. 

From the moment I read about the mission I knew I wanted to write for them. After all, so much organizing info out there (mine sometimes included) tells you what you're "supposed to" do instead of giving you information and options and then letting you make choices like the grown up you are. 

Even if your version of grown-up means eating ice cream for breakfast or spaghetti in bed. #adulting

So when the Managing Editor asked me to pitch for them I was BEYOND excited!!! Made all the more excited when she not only liked said pitch but also asked for me to write for them regularly! 

So here it is, my first post for Graceless. In it I talk about minimalism, Pinterest-pressure, and glitter toilets. 

Enjoy and please check out more of Graceless while you're there!

Read on to combat The Pressure to be Organized.