Hey Red! I need some motivation mojo.

Hey Red!
I need a kick in the pants... I HAVE to clean out my closets so I can start packing and I just can't get motivated. Plus, I've been avoiding going through this for months and months. So can you send me a little Redhead Tough Love to get me going??
Need some motivation mojo

Dear Need, 

Look, moving sucks. And it sucks even worse if you don't get organized first. So just do it already. Set a reward now for something you'll do or get yourself when it's finished. Something really fun and exciting. Then you'll also have something to look forward to while you do it.

While you're cleaning out think about the life you want to create in your new space. Does that item fit in with it? Then keep. If not, let it go. Don't drag anything you don't want into your new home because you'll still have to let it go and there's no need to put off the inevitable. So face it. It'll be easier and free up SO much energy once you do. Especially since you've been putting this off for a while. You'll feel TONS better once it's done. 

Moving sucks. You owe it to yourself to create the best possible scenario for the upcoming move. So get off your tush, clean things out, and then reward yourself fabulously for a job well done. You got this! 


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