Quick Tip: Automatic Vacuums

Quick Tip: Automatic Vacuums - A Side of Fabulous Blog

Recently I had a couple of friends tell me how much they LOVE their automatic vaccuums and that I need to tell my clients about it. 

So today, let's talk automatic vacuums: Roomba, Neato, iRobot and the like. 

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From Laurie: 

We bought an off-brand Roomba about 3 weeks ago. The difference it has made in my home is AMAZING. Seriously. Floors are clean. We have no carpet. She still vacuums up a giant wad of pet hair and dust daily. 
Plus...psychologically now the floor is clean we have reason to keep the table and counters clean too.

From Stephanie: 

We recently replaced all of the carpet in our home with hardwood floors. The floors are dark, and our dog is light so you can see the hair everywhere. I bought an iRobot to take care of it.
It starts every day at about 7:30am. I don't know when it finishes the house but every day I come home from work to a nice clean floor. Whenever it's finished, it just goes and docks itself and puts itself to bed!
If your clients have hardwood floors and pets, they HAVE to get one of these. It's magical. 

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that there can be a downside...especially if your robot vacuum hit something...unsavory. Read the hilarious tale of a "poopocalypse" here. 

They can also be entertaining too: 

We love our pets. Their hair? Not so much. If you have pets as these friends do, try out an automatic vacuum. Coming home to fresh floors every day could inspire you to freshen up the other areas of your home too! 

Do you have an automatic vacuum? What do you think about it? Share in the comments!

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