Quick Tip: Lazy Susans to the Rescue.

I LOVE a good Lazy Susan. There are no two ways around it.

I find that I use them most in the kitchen, but they're useful anywhere. Some great places to implement them are: 

lazy susan spice organization
  • Collecting many smaller objects in one location while keeping everything visible, like spices.
  • Awkward negative spaces in poorly designed pantries.
  • To make full use of the shelving in a corner.
  • To take advantage of the full space behind a narrow cabinet door. 

The options can be quite endless. 

Whenever you purchase one, you'll want to look for a couple things: 

  • Make sure it slides around well without going off balance. You don't want to knock everything over while getting to your cumin. 
  • Measure the space to fit. Not only the diameter to the shelf width, but also for height. Tall bottles that fit in a shelf may not do so when propped up on the Lazy Susan. 

If you have an area that is awkward and you can't see everything in it, take a Lazy Susan for a test run and see if that will make better use of the space! 

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