Quick Tip: Bad day? Do this to create a fresh start.

Today's quick tip is one of those things that I've done so often (especially when I was in my more high pressure gig as an event planner) and advised so often that it didn't even occur to me until now to share it as a blog. 

You know those things that are so inherent to what you do that you don't even think about it? This is one of those for me. Every time I do this, it works. When friends and clients have done this, it's worked. 

Now it's your turn to experience the no-fail way to start your day fresh. 

Perhaps today needs it too? If not, simply bookmark and tuck away in your arsenal of life tools for later. 

Did your day get off to a bad start? Simply have breakfast for lunch and start fresh. Any breakfast food will do. One particular favorite of mine has been eggs, hashbrowns, and chocolate chip pancakes from IHOP. 

Yes, the chocolate chips are for eating my feelings...and my feelings are delicious! 

Bonus points if you can sneak in a quick nap while you're at it! 

While having breakfast, focus on your meal. Focus on restarting the day fresh. Be mindful of creating a fresh slate for your afternoon. Don't think of what went awry that morning, no matter how big of a cluster it was. Simply focus on refreshing yourself, enjoying your new breakfast and new start for the afternoon. 

Then, face the rest of your day refreshed and recharged as if it were in fact a brand new day! 

P.S. - Is it the end of a horrible day gone all sorts of wrong? Have breakfast for dinner, pour yourself a drink of choice, and start fresh tomorrow! Baths and TV binges are also welcome here.)