Why should I get organized?

Today I'm going to share with you one the most important reasons to get organized. 

It's common knowledge that being organized saves you time looking for things. It saves you money by not purchasing double (or quintuple) of things you already own. And it definitely helps maintain sanity.  

So then what is even more important than these things? 

Being organized allows you to handle the things that life throws at you with more ease. 

Things fly off the rails? Having a clear organizational system will help you see where things went wrong, and then help you right the course. 

Have good things come up? Being organized can make those wins all the sweeter because your life already flows with ease - adding good to good. 

Have a spontaneous opportunity come up? Being organized helps you stay on top of quick opportunities and tight deadlines so you can take advantage of all the fabulous things that come your way. After all, how awful would it be to miss a fabulous opportunity merely because you weren't organized enough to take quick action? 

Never let that be the case, Sunshine. 

Organization is all about creating a series of systems so that your life may flow with ease. So when things pop up - good, bad, and fabulous - you can merely slot them into the system where they best work, and continue to flow! 

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