Reason to Organize: Embracing the Chaos

Organize to Embrace Chaos

I had an entirely different post planned for today, but then the bottom fell out. 

Over the past 24 hours oh-so-many things big and small have gone awry. 

My 9-month old phone decided it was done with this world and became an expensive paperweight. I was on my way to a lunch meeting and had scant little time to get the phone issue resolved between said lunch and a scheduled phone chat. However, umpteen unexpected expenses later the phone was fixed in time for my call, and I had the joys of spending the rest of my afternoon and evening setting up the new phone. 

Pro tip: a major component of organizing is spending time on the front end to save yourself time on the back-end. Just as putting your laundry away means getting ready more easily in the morning, spending the time to get all my apps situated on my phone will save me time going forward because I use this thing a LOT. 

One nice thing was that this mishap gave me the opportunity to purge unnecessary apps from my phone, which was nice as it’s something I rarely do. 

Pro tip: check out your apps right now. What are you using? What are you not? Delete what you don’t need for an overall smoother phone experience - as well as one less thing to deal with if your phone decides to throw itself off this mortal coil. 

Was all of this phone work tedious? Absolutely. But the Olympics and a glass of wine made it suck less. 

Pro tip: making yourself something to drink (alcoholic or non) and watching something that doesn’t need much focus makes mundane tasks nicer to deal with.  

This morning I woke up ready for a fresh start. 

Then I stirred my coffee with a fork and somehow knew that would be the state of affairs for the day. 

And sure enough, it was. 

Very long story made very short, I then had problems with making my morning smoothie, email, T-Mobile’s website, and a few other things. 

Insert major laughter here because at this point it’s much better to laugh then get pissed. 

Sometimes we just have those mornings/days/months/years when nothing goes right. 

This is why we organize. 

Organizing doesn’t mean that life becomes perfect. Organizing means that when life throws you one or multiple monkey wrenches, you can handle it with ease. Organizing gives the brain clarity so that it can evaluate and pivot as necessary when things go awry. Organizing allows things to shift to the back-burner for a moment (like the majority of yesterday’s to-do list and my original post for today) while we re-prioritize for a moment to put out some fires.   

Being organized allows you to embrace the chaos while you’re making things better. Because when you embark on improvements to your home and life, things will temporarily blow up. 

Move through the chaos and keep going. 

How do we move through the chaos to keep going? 

  • Set a clear and realistic goal. 
  • Remove everything that doesn’t fit the goal. Space allows the room for the new and improved. 
  • Create systems so that everything flows. This is how we handle the monkey wrenches when they’re thrown at us. 
  • Maintain the systems. Take that time on the front end so that everything works when you really need it. 
  • Breathe and reboot. Reset the house and put everything back where it belongs. Reset your desk and put everything back where it belongs. Clear the space so that you can work through whatever is going on. When things go awry, handle it like a boss and keep going. Do this as often as necessary - even multiple times a day if that’s what it takes. 

Now I'm going to take my own advice for how to restart a wonky day: have breakfast for lunch then keep going.

Do you need help getting to the point that you’re organized enough to handle the monkey wrenches of life? I’m here to help!