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Yesterday we were embracing life's chaos. Today it's time to embrace the crazy of bad home design to get better organized. 

Disclaimer: this DOES NOT mean that we *endorse* bad home design. 

Bad home design needs to die 1,000 deaths. 

Unfortunately, we're not that lucky. Most homes - or at least the ones I've worked on - have at least one major design flaw. Many clients let this discourage them so much that they give up. 

When your home has major design flaws, don't give up. Instead, see it as a challenge. Embrace the crazy.

I love these weird spaces as it forces creativity to make things work. 

This may mean that you end up with some open or "dead" space - embrace the space. 

This may mean that things are situated at odd angles - embrace the odd angles. 

Side note: Embracing odd angles is exactly what inspired this post. A friend shared pics of her freshly organized kitchen on Instagram this past weekend: 

She commented to me that next up are her pots and pans, but those cabinets are weirdly sized with built-in shelves so said pots and pans don't fit in just right. Organizing them "seems like it will probably come down to "making it fit" vs "making it convenient to get in and out of the cabinet". The sheet pans in particular will be a Rubik's cube." 

Embrace it!!

Ideally, the things you use regularly are easy to access and put away. Unfortunately sometimes no matter how creative we get, or how many things we let go of, the home design doesn't allow for ease, and we have to pull a Tim Gunn "Make it work" moment out of our hat. 

Tim Gunn Make It Work

When this happens, it can be SO frustrating. I know! I've been there. However, I encourage you to just accept that for what it is, and love it anyway. 

Creating and then maintaining an organized home means that we need to love our home as it is, design flaws and all.

Sure, you can always remodel or move, but you haven't done that yet. So for now, accept it for what it is and love it anyway. (Much like we do with people.)

Who knows...you may even grow to love it for the flaws! (Much like we do with people.)

Most homes have some design flaw. Maybe the architect didn't think function through. Maybe it was a custom job for people whose life is entirely different from yours. Maybe a previous home owner wanted to test out their design chops for the first time, and the result was less than splendid. 

For whatever reason this is yours now so love it for what it is, and embrace the crazy! 

What weird, previously hated space in your home can you throw some love into? Share with us in the comments.

Melinda Massie - A Side of Fabulous

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