Hey Red: What if I miss it when it's gone?

What if I Miss it When it's Gone? -  A Side of Fabulous Blog

Hey Red!

The most challenging thing I find when trying to let go of clutter is the feeling of, "What if I miss it when it's gone?" I think this stems from throwing out a childhood toy when I was 8 and regretting that decision ever since.

What If

Dear What If, 

I will bet good American dollars that your "what if" fears are stemming from that. 

I've worked with many others that had a similar situation when they were a child and now have that same fear. 

And you know what? 

You might miss it when it's gone. 

If so, get another. #itsOK

You'll find that if you allow yourself to trust your intuition, you'll be just fine and most likely won't miss anything you've let go. 

We all have one or two things we may wish we'd held onto (myself included).

That potential regret is minimal compared to everything you can gain by letting go of the clutter and creating fresh space for new to come in. 

"What if" thinking is what keeps us stuck in clutter forever.

Don't be scared of the "what ifs." Let go of the things no longer serving you. You can do it!

Are you hanging onto things in the "what if" that you may miss it? Let us know in the comments. (And also what it is if you feel comfortable doing so.)

Melinda Massie - A Side of Fabulous

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