Announcing: A Side of Fabulous

A Side of Fabulous

Hello, hello! 

Exciting news to share today! Organizing with a Side of Fabulous is now simply: 

A Side of Fabulous!

As many know, I have a extensive background in a number of things. Over the years past 7 (!!!) years that Organizing with a Side of Fabulous has been in business, I've cultivated additional skills outside of home organization. While I love all these new skills and have occasionally worked with clients in these areas, I couldn't promote them properly without it feeling disjointed or shoe-horned under the "Organizing with a Side of Fabulous" umbrella. 

No matter what the goal home or otherwise, I've always taken an organized approach, and I help my clients find their own organizing style to help them reach their goals, be it related to their home, writing, marketing, meal planning, and more. However, Organizing with a Side of Fabulous is known for *home* organization so by simply removing the "organizing with," I now have the ability to expand and promote scope in a cohesive way. (As well as continue to expand as inspiration and need strikes.)

With this new company my scope reaches beyond homes to add all types of organization, productivity training, marketing, writing, and food & drink. After all, we are more than our home. Our home is important, but it's also important to have strategies and organization in all areas of life. For when all areas of life flow, we feel much better and move forward and grow in wonderful ways. 

Also, I've added a t-shirt shop that I started on a whim late last fall. I love t-shirts with pithy sayings and designing them is fun! There are a few in the shop right now, with MANY more planned. (and of course send me your ideas too if you have any!)  

Yes, I'm fully aware of the irony of an organizer selling t-shirts and mugs. Especially when I also assist people clearing out the clutter from their closets. However, I'm not anti-stuff. I don't believe you have to get rid of everything to be organized. While I know it helps tremendously to let go of what is no longer positively serving you, that doesn't mean you have to live like an ascetic monk or set all your things on fire in an offering to the Organizing Gods

So welcome to the new A Side of Fabulous! All the same great strategy and organization that was applied to your home, now applied to all areas so that your home, work, and life can sparkle! 

Ready to add some strategy, organizing systems, and sparkle into your life? Check out my services and contact me today! 

Melinda Massie - A Side of Fabulous