How Does a Professional Organizer shop? Part 3: How Organizing Saves You Money.

How Organizing Saves You Money - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous

Welcome back for Part 3 in our series on retail therapy.

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Now let's dive in.

The beautiful thing of becoming clutter free is that not only do you start to save money, but you may also find some. Different ways that savings/money will show up:

  • Not purchasing duplicate items. How many times have you asked yourself if you had XYZ while you were at the store and bought it only to find 3 when you got home? Or you can’t find it so you buy it only to find the original 4 months later. Almost every single work session I conduct has an “Oh my God! I’ve been looking for this!!!” moment.
  • Checks and cash. I’ve had many clients find actual money tucked away into their things. They’ve also made money by selling off beautiful things they didn’t need any more.
  • Gift cards. Almost every single person I’ve ever worked with has come across a stash of gift cards. Generally if they’re stashed away that means my client will never use them.

Quick tips on how to organize:

  • Work on only one area at a time and one room at a time until it's finished. Seeing finished work helps motivate you to keep going. It's also less overwhelming than trying to take on the entire home at once.
  • Remove everything you no longer need, use, want. It's through this part of the process that most clients find their long lost whatnot, as well as checks, cash, and gift cards.
  • Sort like with like. This allows you to see ALL of what you have in each category.
  • Take a quick moment to go back through and remove any extra that didn't get hit in the first round.
  • Determine what is the best way to set up your space - then set that up. Keep in mind that the more often something is used, the easier it should be to get to and put away.

To recap our past 3 weeks:

  • Set your financial goals and decide what things are most important to you.
  • Track your finances and debts so you know what you’re playing with.
  • Shop “mission specific” to avoid impulse purchases. However, if the impulse purchase is something that aligns with your goals and desires, and you have the wiggle room in your budget, you can let that slide guilt-free.
  • Avoid the temptation of sales buy only buying what you need, use, and love. Think about if you would pay full price for the item. If not, you most likely don’t truly need it.
  • Always be fully aware and present when making shopping decisions. Take the time to think over the purchase. Do you need it? Will you use it? When will you use it? Do you love it? Where in your home will it live? 

What is the best sale item you’ve ever purchased and what is your biggest sale purchase regret? 

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