Before and After: The Party Fridge

Before & After: The Party Fridge - A Side of Fabulous Blog

Today is a quick and fun cleaning out and re-organization of second refrigerator. 


Pro tip: to be ready for the holidays it's best to start preparing before the they don't sneak up on you, and stress you the F out. 


This client loves hosting parties - many impromptu - so the little bit of time cleaning out the party fridge goes a long way to making hostessing duties fun rather than frazzled. 


Before and After - The Party Fridge - A Side of Fabulous Blog

I started by taking everything out of the fridge and sorting the items into categories. 


Pro tip: Those that have been around here for a while know that I usually don't recommend pulling everything out of an area before organizing. For large and/or super-cluttered areas it can make more overwhelming than it may already be. However, this is a small area without emotional attachments so it works out well. 


The Steps:

Food and beverages were sorted into broad categories - snacks, wine, water, mixers, etc.

My client and I went through the sorted piles and decided what to let go. 

  • Expired items were thrown away. Some items went into the main refrigerator, and things she knew she'd never consume went into a give-away pile. 

After taking advantage of the empty fridge time and wiping down all of the shelves, I re-adjusted their heights a bit then put everything away - keeping all like items together. 

  • Tall non-alcoholic drinks went on the top shelf. 
  • Wines laid on their sides in the shelves underneath. 
  • Snacks went into the crisper drawers in the bottom. 
  • Beers went into a shelf on the door, as did non-alcoholic drinks that fit. 

Et voila! A party fridge that is ready to party! 

(As well as hold more party foods!)


Before & After: The Party Fridge - A Side of Fabulous blog

Total time: 2 hours

Before & After:

Before & After: The Party Fridge - A Side of Fabulous Blog
Before & After: The Party Fridge - A Side of Fabulous Blog

Is your fridge party ready? If not, take a couple of hours this weekend to clean it out.

Melinda Massie - A Side of Fabulous

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