Pep Talk: Let Go of the Apathy to Let Go of the Clutter

Pep Talk: Let Go of the Apathy to Let Go of the Clutter

It's really easy to become apathetic to clutter and the state of our home. I hear it all the time: 

I didn't see it anymore.

I just stopped looking.

I stopped caring.

I get it. We all do from time to time. Hell, sometimes it's self-preservation when you're going through the wringer and just can't even with your house. 

But if life isn't currently offering up a super-size shit sandwich, it's time to stop allowing yourself to overlook the clutter and care more for the state in which you're living. After all, this is the space that will give you the grounding and revitalization so that you can function better in all aspects of your life.  

Think of it this way...would you give up showering forever? Because giving up on your house is the equivalent to never showering again. 

Fo realz. 

You deserve better. 

Your family deserves it.  

Your goals deserve it. 

Your life deserves it. 

Avoided things for too long and don't know where to start? 

1.) Start small and where you spend most of your time. 

Fresh space and energy needs to be created to get things moving again. As you clear space for the fresh energy, you'll also feel more energy which you can carry into the harder areas of your home and other parts of your life. 

Is your favorite avoidance tactic Netflix? Clear off your coffee table, TV stand, and everything surrounding the area.  

How's the area where you get ready every day look? Clear out everything unnecessary (to the area and your life). Hang your clothes. Put things away where they live. Even just straightening things up instead of having them thrown about can help because of the visual improvement. 

How's the kitchen and where you feed yourself? Create a proper and clean area to prepare food and eat it. Feeding yourself properly also gives you the energy to take on larger tasks and stop being apathetic. 

2.) Don't try to do it all at once. 

Once we decide to take action, the desire is strong to take it all on at once. While the desire and motivation is fabulous, the execution can turn out less than splendid. 

When you're at the point of full apathy, doing a total pendulum swing to the other side is common. Also common is falling back in the other direction and losing the long-term momentum necessary to get you to your final goal. 

Remember, if it took you more than one weekend, week, month, or maybe even year(s) to get to the current point, it stands to reason that it will take longer than a weekend or week off of work to get you out. Don't be to hard on yourself about it.

Instead, block off smaller chunks regularly through your calendar to work on it. This will be far more successful than doing a marathon session or two then be too tired to continue. 

Example: Imagine you want to run a marathon - are you going to just strap on some shoes, go outside, and run 26.2 miles? Nope. You're going to work up to it in shorter spurts. (If you want to reach your goal and not injure yourself that is.) Same goes for your home. Work in shorter spurts at regular intervals and soon you'll have taken care of the whole thing! 

3.) Make it fun. 

Yes, I realize that I'm a weirdo who actually enjoys doing this kind of stuff, but you can make it fun too. Put on your favorite music and dance along. (I've been known to sing and dance through entire musical scores with clients while working on their home.)

Invite a trusted friend (or friends) to help. Make snacks and drinks and turn it into a party.


Pro tip: play music and have snacks and drinks and make it a party, even if it's only a party of one.


Can you plow through without the fun? Sure. You may even get a little further without the distractions. But this way may also suck, which isn't good for the motivation, which then means you may not reach your goal. Making it fun will ensure that you actually work through the process and eventually reach your goal.


Pro tip: if you invite a friend, don't invite the bitchy friend that will make you feel bad. (We all know them.) Supportive, feel-good friends only at this affair. 




Apathy and full-on depression aren't the same. If you have depression, please seek help. Also know that the clutter and depression will compound on each other and make each other worse. These tips will help. I've worked with numerous clients with depression, and this is how I do it. These small steps combined with proper treatment help crack things open to let in the light. Once the light is in, we can wedge those cracks wider and wider to let in more light.

You are not alone. 


Have you been apathetic about your home for too long? Every small action adds up and soon you will love your home rather than avoid it. What will you do today? Tell us in the comments!

Melinda Massie -  A Side of Fabulous

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