Pep Talk: What do Showering and Organizing have in Common?

What do showering and organizing have in common? -  A Side of Fabulous Blog

What do showering and organizing have in common? 

You have to do it regularly for it to stick.

The biggest misconception most people have about organizing...and I have NO idea where the hell this came that after you get organized once, you're done.


As the little old lady in the Geico commercial says: 

Geico Lady

When you wrap your head around the fact that organizing takes regular maintenance, you'll be WAY ahead of the game. 

So - much like taking a shower - organization needs to be maintained daily to be effective.

You may be able to go a couple of days...but then things are gonna get ripe

Do you tend to your home daily or did you think (or at least hope) that organizing was a "one-and-done" sort of thing? Tell us about it in the comments! 

Melinda Massie -  A Side of Fabulous

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