I am honored beyond measure that people allow me into their homes, messes, and lives to help fix things and make them better. I am just as thankful for my clients as they are for me and get giddy with delight when I receive their messages of thanks and of how much I've helped. ~Melinda

"I sure want to recommend this "Special Red Head!" She is fabulous!"
B.B. - Fort Worth, TX

"Flying you out was the biggest leap of faith I've ever taken when hiring someone from out of town. And you are worth every penny. I'm SO glad I did it and now the house is DONE!"
R. B. - Baton Rouge, LA

"The kitchen still looks great- having it look so nice gives me energy and motivation to finish tasks- put groceries away, clean up after cooking etc-- I've been surprised at my paradigm shift! The mess was repelling and draining me!!"
T. W. - Lake Worth, TX

"Just wanted to let you know that the resources you provided turned out invaluable and to thank you again for all your help and support!  You are truly, truly awesome!"
M. H. - Cairo, Egypt

"With your guidance and our work on my pantry, I only spent $79 this week at the grocery store instead of the usual $200. It was so great to walk through the store and know what I already had in my kitchen!"
M. H. - Fort Worth, TX

"Just walked into the office and saw the floor! What a pleasure! This makes a big difference. I knew I was feeling weighed down by the office stuff, but until now I didn't realize how much. The weight has been lifted."
S. W. - Fort Worth, TX

"My house looks awesome! Everything has an appropriate spot and it only takes about 5 minutes or less a couple of times a week to do a complete sweep-through of the house and return items to their homes. Most things get put away as they are used.  It is exactly how I envisioned it. EVERY time I go in the guest room, it makes me sooo happy. It's beautiful in there and I can get to my clothes without risking a trip to the ER. Lol. The rest of the house is fabulous, too, but the guest room is my favorite. The before pictures are unbelievable. It’s amazing how much easier and less frustrating it is to do things now that the house is organized the way it is supposed to be. You're worth every penny I paid you. Thanks so much! "
C. M. - Fort Worth, TX
"I almost had a panic attack the first time you showed up! Until I realized you were fabulous and awesome! Thank you SO MUCH!!!"
M.P. - Ft. Worth, TX

"FYI: I think you should know that you are infectious.  You should have some kind of disclaimer in your contract. Now I see clutter everywhere I look!  It's EVERYWHERE - on my phone, my computer files, my purse...every corner, every cabinet, every's like spending a few hours with you and I have clutter glasses on now - I see extraneous baloney everywhere!  It's a little overwhelming, but I keep thinking, "Forward, forward, the only way out is through."  Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps....."
C. M. - Fort Worth, TX

"You saved my life! "
M. N. - Arlington, TX

"What you've taught me about staying within the limits of my space prevented me from over-buying at the after Christmas sales. I purchased only one item I had not planned to buy and it is replacing another item that will be donated. Thanks for saving me money and my sanity, Melinda!"
C. S. - Mansfield, TX

"You're an organizing ninja!" 
B.A. - Atlanta, GA

"Melinda, Thank you for being here and helping me.  We had good momentum going and I slept quite well last night.  The books are loaded in my car, the shredding is done, and I even went through my son's baby clothes box that was in the garage!  I cannot tell you why I saved them for 32 years since many of the items were stained.  I feel good about getting rid of stuff.   This morning I have clear mind. I really appreciate your help and guidance.  Yesterday, you allowed me permission to start taking care of myself and some of my needs.  Thank you!"
R. B. - Weatherford, TX 

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