EVERY time I go in the guest room, it makes me sooo happy. It’s beautiful in there and I can get to my clothes without risking a trip to the ER. Lol. The rest of the house is fabulous, too, but the guest room is my favorite. You were worth every penny I paid you.
— C.M., Ft. Worth, TX

My organizing philosophy can be summed up in three words:




Don't want to get rid of all your worldly belongings or be a minimalist? Totally cool. Want to get rid of everything and super-minimal? That's cool too. My goal is to help you find your perfect "sweet spot" between organized enough to make things flow without getting so over-worked that maintenance becomes a pain in the ass. When we're finished, you'll have the tools to maintain your good work and investment, as well as prevent the hot mess from coming back. 

Specialties include: 

  • Small spaces.
  • Creative solutions to challenging design problems.
  • Downsizing.
  • Rehabilitating borderline hoarders.
  • Cleaning out after a loved one has died.

When your home and office are in order, it better supports everything else you need to do. From a single room gone awry to clutter up to the ceiling, I can help you clear the clutter and create systems that are functional and fabulous.

You think you’ve cleaned out your pantry then you do it with Melinda and wonder if you’ve ever cleaned out your pantry at all. It’s so pretty now that I show it off to everyone who comes over!
— M.P., Fort Worth, TX

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