Thank you for the permission to be fabulous! (It’s working!)
— S.C., Ft. Worth, TX

No matter what it is you want to do whether it's organize your home, market your business, write a book, and more, the formula to make it happen is simple and practical: 

Goal Setting - A Side of Fabulous

Set the goal.

Strategy -  A Side of Fabulous

Create the strategy.

Let Go - A Side of Fabulous

Remove what is in the way.

Take Action -  A Side of Fabulous

Take action on what moves you towards your goal.

Reach Your Goal -  A Side of Fabulous

Celebrate reaching your goal!


While yes, order and organization can feel extremely boring and limiting (I get it...there are times it feels stifling to me too), having structure is what allows us to move easily through the process to reach our goals.

(Think of it like a dancer taking daily technique classes so that they may fly with ease on the stage. You have to have the form for the flow.)

As we work through this formula together, you'll receive: 

  • Accountability. It's easier to get to your goals when you have an "accountabilibuddy." 
  • Outside, unbiased opinion. When we've been "in it" for too long it's often challenging to see other solutions. 
  • Motivation. Things are always easier with a cheerleader.
  • Creativity. When what you've tried isn't working, it's time to get creative with alternative options.
  • Focus. Things are coming at us at the speed of the internet and it's easy to get distracted. I help you keep on target.

I believe in a 360 approach to problems because our home, work, and life are interconnected. If one thing is awry, many things may be. So we'll look at all areas to get everything into alignment and organized fabulousness.

The four Focus Areas:

Organizing - A Side of Fabulous

Home & Office Organization

Is your space a hot mess? When your home and work space are in order, everything flows more easily. Where can we unravel chaos for you? 

Specialties include small spaces, making poorly designed spaces work, and rehabilitating borderline hoarders.

Productivity - A Side of Fabulous

Productivity & Life Organization

Is the bullshit of busy trying to reign supreme in your life? The way past is to take precise actions that move you forward to your goals. Let's take a moment to breathe, decide what is important, then create the game plan to get you there. 

Specialties include realistic goal setting, time management, and meal planning for one.

Consulting Services - A Side of Fabulous

Small Business & Marketing Consulting

Want to get your side-hustle, new business, or non-profit off the ground? I've been there...multiple times. When I started my first business, I had to move quickly and had no resources or knowledge. Mistakes were made. From this, I can now get from idea to reality really damn quick with far fewer errors. Let's put my hard-earned knowledge to good use for you. 

Specialties include creative strategy, ideas, and solutions for performing arts, fitness, lifestyle, restaurant, home, and other creative industries.

Writing - A Side of Fabulous

WRiting & Design

Are you ready to put your ideas out into the world? No matter what medium you want to write through, I have you covered by either coaching you through the process, teaching you how to use the best tools to get the job done, or even writing for you. I can also help you create compelling visuals to get  your message across beautifully. I've been through it all and assure you it's easy. (Though sometimes tediousAF.) With the resources available these days there is simply no good excuse for not publishing if you want to.

Specialties include blogging, non-fiction writing, copywriting, self publishing, Canva graphic design and Squarespace web design.  

During the time I have worked with you, you have been immensely helpful in keeping me focused and productive. I would never have been able to bring the room to its current organized state without your help.
— J.M. - Atlanta, GA

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