A 7 week e-mail course to help you stop your clothing from psychologically torturing you, while also creating a closet that is a joy to get dressed in! Learn more and buy.


Clear your clutter and organize your home without having to burn all of your things in a ritual fire (dance optional) to the Organizing Gods. Learn more and buy.

$10.99 - print
$4.99 - e-book

Meal plan, recipes, prep plan, and shopping list featuring the flavors of fall. Learn more and buy.


Apparel and More

Clothing for women, men, and children of all ages, as well as mugs, glasses, and more. Click on the design you like, then choose your product. If you don't like the products shown, you can choose your own product and add your favorite design.

I'm adding designs all the time so check back often. Have a special request? Email it to me at, and let's talk about making it happen.