Practical solutions to make home, work, and life fabulous.

Practical solutions to make home, work, and life fabulous.


Is your Home, work, or life a hot Mess?

Welcome! You're in the right place, and I'm so excited you're here.

I'm Melinda, and I want to be your "side of fabulous." 

Tired of trying over and over again, only to stay in the same place? 

I want to show you how organizing, productivity, marketing, wRITING, and any other goal you have can be reached by use of the practical and the fabulous.

Because sometimes practical is fabulous.

My techniques have helped many people stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, start feeling more confident and at ease, and to finally reach their goals - sometimes after years of trying!

Maybe my combination of practical and fabulous will work for you too.

Let's find out together.

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I’m SO thankful to you. Going through the emotional process with you has been the best thing ever for me. Now I can easily let go of what I don’t need without second thought. Being on the other side is very liberating.
— H.C. - Fort Worth, TX

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What can you expect when you work with me? 

Melinda Massie - A Side of Fabulous

Patience...because this work takes time. If you're here I suspect you may have lost yours so you can have some of mine!

A judgement-free zone...because you've probably been hard enough on yourself as it is. (Though I do reserve the right to laugh with you when we find absurd things.)

Attention to detail...because details matter damnit. 

Straight shooter...because sometimes we all need a little bit of redheaded, tough love. (But not in a bad way, at the end of the day these are your goals, and I'll do what it takes to help you reach them...however if you don't care then I don't either.)

Entertainment...because the process is easier when we make it fun. Plus, my background is in the performing arts so if you need to hear some "Singin' in the Rain" while we sort things that haven't seen the light of day since the 90s then you got it!


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