Everything You Need To Know About Getting Organized…Straight From A Super-Pro!

via Feng Shui is something I've studied and dabbled with off and on for years. I've especially paid attention more since I've become a professional organizer. The flow of your house really does affect everything!

I don't remember how or when, but once upon a time I stumbled upon The Tao of Dana. What I most love about Dana Claudat is that 1) she has a modern and fresh approach to feng shui. No "mirror in this corner to prevent X" or "pour this down your toilet if it's in this sector of your house." Very sensible advice to feng shui - much like mine is to organizing. 2) I love that she incorporates a full life approach to feng shui instead of just limiting it to your home...again, much like I do with organizing.

And she's a foodie too! Can't go wrong with that!

So I was SUPER-EXCITED when she asked if I'd guest post for her blog. In our piece together, she talks about how being organized will help you glow more while I contribute with the definition of clutter, common pitfalls to watch out for while getting organized, and the best steps to take to create and maintain a clutter-free and organized home.

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