Quick Tip: Beauty Product Party

One of the biggest sources of clutter for my lady clients is beauty products. Or as one client's husband calls it, the "goo-plex." We tend to end up with many products because: we bought products that ended up not working, we ended up with products that aren't suitable for us, we have the irrational notion that shampoo and conditioner must be purchased together. (I've heard this before, and what that client really had were 10 shampoos and 2 conditioners.)

For as many reasons as there are about how we acquired these products, there are as many reasons why we hang on to these products we'll never use: we like the promise that the marketing offers us or we like the idea of being the person who would use said product, even if it's more maintenance than we personally would put into it. And the big one:

I don't know what to do with a barely used product.

You're not going to use it. You can't donate it. It seems like such a waste...and it is a waste.

That's where the mini-party or swap comes in.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine decided to clean out her medicine cabinets. Between doing marketing for spas, consolidating a couple of homes, and just generally being a lady who likes product variety, she'd ended up with quite the mass of product and makeup. She decided to have an impromptu gathering over happy hour and give all of the goodies to new and loving homes.

This is a mere fraction of the products we all sifted through.

About 4 of us went through the goodies pulling what we liked and saving a few things for other friends that couldn't make it. When we were done, we gifted the remaining items to the ladies' room of the bar with the attached note:

Girl, You Look Fabulous - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

This entire happening is full of win and good karma points. My friend gets oodles of free space in her bathroom while also gifting some of her dearest friends with fun goodies that she couldn't use anyway. We all got fun goodies that we may have never tried otherwise. And we all got to spend quality gal time together.

All fabulous things, Sunshine.

Do you have an excess of beauty products you won't or can't use? Call up some girlfriends, mix up some cocktails, and spread the love.